XtremeLabs Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to XtremeLabs, a service of the XtremeLabs LLC. This document provides answers to some frequently asked questions about the Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC) hosted lab environment.

Signing in and Creating an Account

Q: I’m new to Microsoft Labs Online. How do I proceed?

A: Your first step to accessing your virtual labs will be to create an account. Since you are reading this, you have already navigated to the Login Screen

Login page
  1. Click Register just above the login button.
  2. To create your account, fill in the fields on the Create an account page.

    Register page

    Note: The email address used to create your account is also used for password reminders. It is important to use a valid email address.

  3. Click Sign Up at the lower right corner of the page.
  4. You will be prompted to specify which Country you are logging in from

    Country selection

    This is optional. If you choose to not specify, click on Skip (your location will default to US) otherwise choose your respective Country from the dropdown and click on Save

  5. You will be redirected to the Access Codes page. You will enter your Course Codes here.

Q: I already have an account. How do I sign-in?

A: In Internet Explorer, navigate to XtremeLabs Site

  1. Enter the email address used to create your account and enter your password.
  2. Click Sign in. For a persistent sign in, check the Keep me signed in checkbox.
  3. You will be redirected to the View labs page. All of the labs that you have access to will be listed here.

General Notes

Q: How do I add a Course Code?

A: If you have just opened a new account, you will already be on the My codes page. If you already have an account and have just signed in, you may be on the My labs page. In that case, navigate to the Access Codes page by first clicking on the Access Codes link in the left navigation bar

My Codes Page
  1. On the My codes page, in the Add a code to your account text box, enter the code given to you by your instructor or from your book. Note that all active courses will be displayed on the left side under the 'My labs' title.

    Enter your code textbox
  2. Click Add code. Your course will be added to the My codes page.

  3. Your course labs should now be available. To see the lab modules in your active course labs, click on the course number. Your course's lab modules should now be visible.

    New lab tile

Note: If you do not see the labs associated with your particular course on your course home page, you should inform your instructor.

Q: How do I launch a Lab?

A: From any page, select an active course that is listed under the 'View Labs' option (see above). Then select the lab module that you want to launch by hovering over the lab module's 'Take Lab' button

Launch Lab Button

(which will turn light blue) and clicking it. This will open the lab module's Description box:

Lab Description

The duration and description of the subject lab module will be presented here. To launch the lab module, hover over and click on the 'Continue' button.

  1. While your lab loads, you will see a spinner with tips and tricks for the lab hosting system.

    Lab launching

    Note: If your lab takes longer than five minutes to load, refresh your browser page by pressing the F5 key. If you still cannot access your lab, please alert your instructor.

    Note: Some labs have been modified from the on-premises version to operate correctly in an online environment. If a lab has been altered, a “Lab Notice” message will appear after the lab loads. Clicking the Notes tile will launch a Lab Notes document that

    lab notice
  2. Once the lab loads and the environment is ready, your lab view will be displayed. virtual machine

    See the Take a Lab section of the full Student User Guide document to learn how to use the many user interfaces on this page.

Q: Do I need to configure the Hyper-V environment before beginning a lab?

A: No. Students do not have access to the Hyper-V host environment. Steps pertaining to Hyper-V Manager within the Lab Setup section have already been completed.

Q: Do I need to set up Internet Access?

A: No. Internet access is available when needed. There is no need to use the MSL‐TMG1 virtual machine.

Q: How do I resize the Virtual Machine Window?

A: You can adjust the size of the virtual machine window by changing the screen resolution in the virtual machine.

Getting More Help

Q: Is there a User Guide for Microsoft Labs Online?

A: Yes. If you have an instructor, ask them for a copy. If you do not have an instructor you can download a copy from User Guide.

Q: How do I contact Support?

A: You can call the XtremeLabs Support Team at the phone number below during the following hours.

XtremeLabs - Lab Support Contacts

Email support@xtremelabs.io; xliosupportqueue@xtremelabs.io
Phone (855)-510-0488
  • 24 hours - 7 days a week
Observed Holidays
  • New Year's Day
  • U.S. Memorial Day
  • U.S. Independence Day
  • U.S. Labor Day
  • U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday
  • U.S. Christmas Holiday